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In order to let the customer's selection plant put into production as soon as possible, and have a stable technical team to ensure the normal operation of the mine in the future, Ludong will assign the technical backbone of the installation and commissioning team to be responsible for the training. These experienced engineers will work on all the ore dressing equipment. The beneficiation process is trained in the common problems in the operation of the plant, and the workers are demonstrated on the spot.

Mainly include: 1, technical training; 2, equipment operation training; 3, production management training; 4, maintenance training; 5, safety protection training

The project carries out regular return visits, after-sales maintenance, spare parts services, etc. We guarantee to provide quality services.

Regular return visit

After the work is completed, the project will be regularly returned to provide after-sales technical support to ensure quick resolution of problems when customers choose the plant, and avoid long-term parking accidents.

After-sales maintenance

1. If there is any quality problem, please contact the customer service staff at the first time or call the company's after-sales telephone number: 8111766 for detailed explanation. The company must verify in time, return, replace, and repair the package until the customer is satisfied.

2. Our company will provide a complete online online service system. If there are any quality, use, and other related issues, you can also submit it via online feedback or directly by E-mail; we will be in the shortest time. Give you a satisfactory response at the fastest speed. Email address:

Accessories service

Our company also provides complete accessories service, the equipment sold, all the accessories can be ordered, small to one nail and one rive, all the accessories are shipped in the first time, reducing customer losses and ensuring long-term operation of customer equipment. If the machine is damaged for human reasons, the staff will be retrained to find out the problem and ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the future.



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