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Mineral processing experiment

The first step is to determine the material composition and chemical properties of the ore.

1、The determination of the original mineral composition includes analysis of the ore structure, ore mineral composition, major metal and non-metallic mineral characteristics, ore type.


Metallic mineral pyrite is semi-automorphic

Patchy structure

Quartz vein


2、The determination of the chemical properties of the ore includes the multi-element analysis of the ore (determining whether the ore can be comprehensively recycled), the analysis of the original ore-level sieving, the determination of the ore density, and the determination of the relative grindability of the ore.


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The second step is to conduct mineral processing conditions tests on valuable minerals in minerals, including grinding fineness, dosage, open circuit and closed circuit test. After the final product (concentrate and tailings) is obtained, it is analyzed to obtain a recovery rate. After that, the sedimentation test of concentrate and tailings should be carried out to make reference for equipment selection.


The ore dressing test is an important basis for the next mine design, and it also plays an important role in guiding actual production.


Mine design

The mine design mainly includes three parts: feasibility study, preliminary design, and construction drawing.

First, do a comprehensive field visit to the customer's mine, including plant selection, ore supply, ore, site, hydropower, transportation, geography, etc. These investigations require the cooperation of geological, mining, mineral processing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power and other departments to complete.


Feasibility study:

Provide a reliable basis for the correct decision-making of construction projects.

1、Geology major:Collect the Geological Census Design, Geological Exploration (detailed) report or the Reserve Verification Report and the approval documents submitted by the qualified geological exploration department.

2、Mining profession:According to the design data of the pre-mine design stage, the mine mining method, mining equipment, ventilation system, etc. are designed or optimized to take out the feasible part of the mining part.

3、Mining machine professional:Judging the current status of existing equipment in the mine or the number and specifications of equipment required for new mines.

4、Civil engineering: Collection of geomorphological conditions of the survey site; hydrogeological data, "Geotechnical Investigation Report" on the mine

5、Civil engineering:For new mines, it is necessary to understand the power supply environment around the mine; the topography and landform between the mine area and the power supply; the basic conditions of the power supply substation; and the requirements for lightning protection grounding. For the reconstruction and expansion of the mine, it is necessary to understand the current status of the mine power supply; the overview of the superior substation; the existing security power supply settings; the existing communication status.

6、Mineral processing profession:New projects need to collect topographic maps of the plant (1:500 1:1000), water, electricity, tailings ponds around the site, environmental protection requirements, construction standards of the owners, investment quotas, and construction opinions of the owners.

The expansion project will understand the existing scale, existing equipment and production capacity, the overall floor plan of the existing concentrator, the equipment layout diagram of each workshop, and the problems in production.

Finally, a feasibility plan is determined for the construction of the plant, and the plan is written as the Feasibility Study Report and submitted to the relevant departments for review.


Plant site map

ludong ludong ludong ludong

Ulan Qab Graphite Mine, Inner Mongolia


Inner Mongolia Erlian fluorite mine


Sudan plant


Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu 2000 tons of silver mine


Preliminary design and construction drawing design phase

Initial design: Classification of the size of the ore dressing, work system, staffing, process design, modeling and calculation of major process equipment, calculation and modeling of auxiliary equipment and facilities, general layout and delivery equipment configuration, economic effect budget and environmental safety measures Suggestions and so on.

Construction drawing design: Complement the existing problems in the preliminary design, including the required topography, hydrology, detailed survey data of engineering geology, implementation of major equipment orders, water supply, power supply, external transportation, etc., and draw a large number of construction drawings on each aspect of the plant.



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