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Our company has formed a complete and strict quality management system in equipment manufacturing. We have formed a complete and strict quality management system in the manufacturing of mineral processing equipment, and strictly operate in accordance with the requirements of the quality manual.

Strictly control the procurement and quality control, and shop around in the material procurement process to ensure that the raw materials are absolutely zero.

Every product produced in the workshop is fully inspected and pre-accepted, and all projects are tested.

At present, it can produce more than 600 kinds of equipment for mining, selection and smelting, and provide a full set of main and auxiliary equipment for mine production below 10,000 tons/day.


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Packaging and delivery

Equipment packaging and shipping is an extremely important preparation for installation and commissioning. It is directly related to whether the equipment can be delivered smoothly, whether the installation can be completed efficiently, and whether the debugging can be successfully achieved.


Equipment packaging

▶ The bare-package method is mainly used for equipment that is not easy to wear, has stable quality, and does not require packaging, such as steel plates for installation materials and cylinder plates for equipment, which saves customers cost.

▶ Bundles are suitable for angles, channel steels, steel pipes, etc. of installation materials, and reinforcement plates, ribs, flanges, etc. on the equipment, which are small, large in quantity and wear-resistant. It is also required to hang the hoe in the bundled equipment (mark on the import and export goods package), indicating the name, specification and quantity of the goods.

▶ The straw rope binding method is suitable for easy-to-touch and easily damaged equipment such as bearings, belt conveyors, and electric drums.

▶ Waterproof winding package is suitable for all bare packaging equipment, second class electromechanical, reducer, electric control cabinet, and is packaged in stretch film, waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-wear.

▶ Snakeskin bag, bubble film wrapping package This packaging method is mainly used for equipment that is easy to wear on the surface, which is rust-proof, anti-wear and anti-collision.

▶ Wooden pallet packaging Suitable for leaching trough blades, belt conveyor brackets, roller brackets, etc., a large number of easy to disperse, easy to roll goods.

▶ The wooden box is used for equipment spare parts, laboratory equipment, and installation of electrical materials, etc. Wooden box packaging must be accompanied by a packing list, packing details and Chinese and English comparison




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