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Inner Mongolia Erlianhaote 750t/d fluorite ore plant

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Inner Mongolia Erlianhaote 750t/d fluorite ore plant

Case name:

Inner Mongolia Erlianhaote 750t/d fluorite ore plant

Erlianhot fluorite mine in Inner Mongolia
Processing scale:
The Erlanghot 750t/fluorite ore mining plant project under construction in Ludong Mining Machinery was completed and put into operation. During the project, Ludong Mining Machinery provided customers with mineral processing experiments, mine design, compl
Applicable equipment:
Ball mill, classifier, high-efficiency mixing tank, XCF/KYF flotation unit, dewatering screen, cyclone unit, thickener, clear water tank, plate filter press, conveyor belt, dry tailings yard
Case description
Flow chart
Live picture

  For the ore sample delivered by the client, the Ludong mining machine carried out an optional experimental task, and the main object of the ore dressing experiment was fluorite.

  The first step: crushing and screening

  One section uses a jaw crusher; the second section uses a cone crusher. A vibrating screen is used in the screening stage.

  Step 2: Grinding classification

  Through the ball mill, a section of grinding is carried out, and the discharged mineral material flows into the high-grade spiral classifier; the classifier is returned to the ball mill and re-grinded, and the classifier overflows from the flow to the flotation operation.

  The third step: flotation equipment and tailings dehydration

  The classifier overflows from the high-efficiency stirring tank and stirs the slurry to float. The tailings after flotation and coarse sweeping are used as the final tailings slurry pump to enter the cyclone component coarse ore and fine ore. The coarse ore flows to the dewatering screen and the dewatering screen is dehydrated to the tailings pond.

  The fine ore flows from the concentrator to the concentrator. After the concentrator is concentrated, it is sent to the filter press for dehydration. After dehydration, it is sent to the tailings pond.

  The fourth step: concentrate dehydration

  Select the concentrate from the previous stage as the final concentrate.

  The concentrate slurry is first pumped to the defoaming buffer tank buffer by the slurry pump, and then dewatered by the double-stage pump to the filter press. After dewatering, the filter cake is transported to the concentrate storage tank for storage and drying by the belt conveyor.


  The project provides one-stop tracking service from the beneficiation experiment, mine design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to the training of workers to the standard production. Ludong has always been committed to providing customers with more professional, more perfect and more efficient mineral processing equipment and plant selection solutions!

 Equipment required for process 

spiral classifier

Hydrocyclone unit

Belt conveyor

Dewatering screen

The flotation machine

Ball mill


Plate filter press