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Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu 2000t/d silver tailings project

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Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu 2000t/d silver tailings project

Case name:

Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu 2000t/d silver tailings project

Inner Mongolia Ulan Qab contains silver tailings
Processing scale:
The project of the 2000t/d silver tailings project in Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu, completed by Ludong Mining Machinery, was completed and put into operation. During the project, Ludong Mining Machinery provided customers with mineral processing experiments
Applicable equipment:
Dewatering screen, cyclone set, thickener, clear water tank, plate filter press, conveyor belt
Case description
Flow chart
Live picture

  1. Tailings dewatering system

  Before the tailings enter the thickener, the tailings dewatering system is first used to dewater the tailings to reduce the subsequent thickener load. The tailings dehydration system consists of: dewatering sieve + cyclone group + tailings pump tank + slurry pump.

  (1) dewatering screen

  The dewatering screen is the main dewatering equipment. The equipment has low inclination angle and large linear vibration. Combined with the electromagnetic vibration net to clean the tailings on the screen, it has the function of dehydration. The tailings are discharged from the screen and the water is discharged from the screen into the tailings pump tank.

  (2) cyclone group

  The cyclone group is a concentration device before the tailings are screened, which can realize pre-concentration of materials, reduce the burden of the dewatering screen, and ensure good dewatering effect. It is an indispensable part of the dewatering system and can also reduce the concentration of other concentration equipment. investment.

  (3) slurry pump

  The slurry pump is a tailings pulp slurry conveying device. The slurry is transported from the tailings pump tank to the cyclone, and is equipped with frequency conversion control, so that the cyclone group can achieve a better working state.

  (4) tailings pumping tank

  The pumping tank collects the tailings incoming material and the dewatering sieve screening material, concentrates the slurry pump and enters the cyclone group, which is an indispensable key component in the dewatering system.

  2, hydraulic thickener

  The hydraulic thickener is selected, and the effluent water quality meets the requirements of beneficiation production, and all are recycled to the clear water tank for use as mineral processing water.

  3, plate filter press

  Since a large amount of tailings has been processed by the tailings dewatering system and the mud dewatering system, the load of the filter press is greatly reduced, so only a small filter press can be selected to meet the production requirements. The filtrate of the filter press is recovered to the water recovery tank, and the filter cake (water content 10%~20%) is transported to the yard for treatment. If the ore dressing scale is not large, it is also conceivable to directly treat the thickener underflow with a filter press and subtract the mud dewatering system.

  4. Dry tailings yard

  The dry tailings yard can be selected close to the selected plant, and it can be stacked or landfilled in valleys or flat areas with less environmental impact. The dry tailings transportation should choose the belt transportation mode as much as possible to save investment and operating costs.

Equipment required for process

Dewatering screen



Plate filter press