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Gold concentrate cyanidation process

Gold concentrate cyanidation process

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Gold concentrate cyanidation process

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Applicable equipment :
Feeder, ball mill, high-efficiency concentrator, high-efficiency leaching tank, three-layer scrubbing thickener, box filter press, spiral zinc powder feeder, slurry pump
Application areas :
Treatment of flotation gold concentrate or cyanide plant of mixed mercury and gravity tailings; treatment of argillaceous oxidized ores, gold extraction plant with all-slime stirring cyanidation.
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Flow chart

Cyanide---Zinc powder replacement gold extraction process mainly includes dosing aeration, stirring leaching, countercurrent washing, zinc powder replacement, gold mud smelting, tailings pressure filtration, sewage treatment and other stages.


1. Stirring and leaching---Gold leaching is mainly realized in the leaching tank. The cyanide-containing pulp is strongly stirred under the action of the impeller and compressed air, which is beneficial to improve the leaching effect. The leaching tank is usually configured in multiple stages;


2. Countercurrent washing---It is a process adopted by cyanide plants. It is usually in the form of multiple single-layer or multi-layer thickeners. The function of countercurrent washing is to use the supernatant water of the next thickener to feed into a thickener. By "diluting" the pulp, the taste of the liquid gold is gradually reduced until the established standard is reached. Countercurrent washing is the process of "dilution" concentration of the slurry. Some cyanide plants also increase the pressure filtration operation before washing, and the filter cake is added to the washing water to adjust the slurry before washing. The supernatant of the first thickener is usually supplied as a precious liquid to the zinc powder replacement operation.


3, zinc powder replacement --- is the process of adding metal reducing agent (zinc powder) to cyanide precious liquid, through chemical reaction to precipitate gold and silver into gold mud, usually Including the deoxidation of precious liquid, the addition of zinc powder and lead acetate, and the production of gold mud by pressure filtration.

Processing equipment


Vibration feeding machine

Washing and concentrating machine

Cone crusher

Vibrating screen

Zinc powder feeder

Ball mill


Plate filter press


Process Flowchart

Gold concentrate cyanide plant production flow chart



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