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Copper, lead and zinc flotation process

Copper, lead and zinc flotation process

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Copper, lead and zinc flotation process

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Applicable equipment :
Feeding machine, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, high efficiency stirring tank, chemical stirring tank, hydrocyclone, ball mill, flotation unit, high efficiency thickener, plate filter press, slurry pump
Application areas :
The copper-lead-zinc beneficiation process uses a mixed flotation-concentrate regrind process to reduce grinding costs and is easy to manage, while applying a new non-toxic flotation agent, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. The proce
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Mixing-separation flotation process---This process selects all fluidized lead and zinc sulfide minerals into mixed concentrates and directly discards tailings. Then, after the deionization of the mixed concentrate, the separation of lead and zinc is carried out, and the flotation separation effect is better


The process of mineral processing is novel and the operating cost is lower

The copper-lead mixed concentrate regrind process eliminates the need to finely grind all the ore, saving the cost of grinding, and re-grinding the concentrate to further dissociate the copper-lead concentrate, and has a good drug-removing effect. The separation creates favorable conditions.


Strengthen flotation process to improve copper concentrate grade

Strictly implement the pharmacy system in the rough selection section, control the dosage of the medicinal agent, and achieve the principle of "accepting early harvest and early harvesting", reducing the number of cycles and inaction loss; making full use of the secondary enrichment of foam, and adopting appropriate no water, The concentrate foam is rinsed to reduce impurities in the foam to enhance the flotation.

Processing equipment

Vibration feeding machine

Jaw Crusher

High efficiency mixing tank

Vibrating screen

Raft conveyor

Ball mill


Chemical stirring tank



Slurry pump

Flotation machine

Plate filter press

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