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Tailings dry discharge system

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Tailings dry discharge system

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Applicable equipment :
Cyclone, dewatering screen, high efficiency concentrator, filter press
Application areas :
It is mainly used for the concentration and dehydration process of tailings in the beneficiation plant to achieve the purpose of dry tailings of the tailings, thus avoiding environmental pollution. It is the preferred process for implementing green mines.
重量 :
Flow chart

Process introduction

The combination of the cyclone and the dehydrated vibrating screen: after the tailings are concentrated by the cyclone, the underflow enters the high-frequency vibrating dewatering screen for dewatering, which can make the tailings water content within 16%, the cyclone overflow and the dewatering sieve. The fine-grained material is usually dehydrated by a thickener and a filter press to achieve the purpose of dry-discharging the tailings.


Process Advantage

Tail mine dehydration is good

Three kinds of patented equipment are used to sequentially dewater the equipment: hydrocyclone + high-efficiency thickener + high-efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen to achieve a final concentration of more than 85% to achieve dry emissions.

Production line running costs are low

The unique equipment combination of the tailings dry discharge process makes the equipment investment and civil construction investment small, the dewatering effect is good, the energy consumption is low, the service life is greatly extended, and the running cost is further reduced.

Long device life

The equipment lining used in the tailings dry discharge process has an abrasion resistance index of up to 128%, and can be used to line different characteristics of rubber according to the specific pulp properties, and has a wide application range. The life of the entire production line is twice that of the ordinary equipment production line, which greatly reduces manual maintenance, and the operating cost is reduced by at least 2 yuan/ton.

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