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Tailings re-election process

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Tailings re-election process

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Applicable equipment :
Mechanical agitating flotation machine, hydrocyclone, shaker, ball mill
Application areas :
The tailings re-election process is suitable for the re-election of various metals and non-metallic tailings, including iron, gold, lead and zinc, copper, fluorite, tungsten, phosphorus, graphite, bauxite tailings, etc.
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Flow chart

1, iron tailings:

The iron tailings discharged from the iron ore dressing plant are characterized by large quantity, fine grain size, various types and complex nature. The most frequently used methods of magnetic recovery, flotation, acid leaching, flocculation and the like recover iron from tailings.


2, gold tail mine:

The gold in the old tailings is often recovered by the whole mud cyanide + carbon slurry method. The gold tailings after cyanidation are processed by the dry tailings of the tailings, that is, the filtrate is recovered by filtration, filtration and other processes to realize the selected water. The recycling of resources also removes most of the cyanide from the tailings. For the iron element in the gold tailings, Jinpeng will also use magnetic separation and re-election for sorting.


3. Lead-zinc tailings:

The main components of tailings after flotation of lead-zinc ore are quartz and sericite. In addition to tailings storage, dry heap, and filling of mines, re-election, flotation, magnetic separation or re-election + flotation are often used. A combined process to recycle valuable elements from lead-zinc tailings.


4, copper tailings:

If the copper tailings have a high content of precious metals, the sorting is relatively easy and is usually recovered by a flotation process. In addition, some copper tailings contain a certain amount of magnetite in addition to copper. For such tailings, copper is usually precipitated by acid leaching, and magnetite is selected by magnetic separation process.


5, fluorite tailings:

The fluorite tailings are re-selected by flotation process, first selected after rough selection, and stirred several times before rough selection, so that the flotation agent is evenly distributed in the slurry, and then selected several times to improve the taste of the concentrate. .


6, tungsten tailings:

Re-election, magnetic separation, flotation, etc. are used, among which re-election is the most commonly used sorting process for tungsten ore. The re-selection of the tungsten ore re-selection process is a spiral chute-centrifugal concentrator (or wet strong magnetic)-based rough selection process, and the shake-flotation-based selective process fully recovers the useful minerals in the tungsten tailings.


7, Phosphorus tailings:

The main gangue mineral of siliceous phosphate rock is quartz-based siliceous mineral. The floatability of gangue minerals is quite different from that of useful minerals, and is usually selected by flotation process. The main gangue minerals of calcareous phosphate rock are calcite and dolomite, and Jinpeng most often uses reverse flotation to float tailings.


8, graphite tailings:

The segmentation grinding section selection process is usually used for sorting, and the flotation method and the shaker sorting are commonly used in the sorting process of the graphite sorting process. To comprehensively recover several minerals in graphite tailings requires a combination of multiple ore dressing methods.


9, bauxite tailings:

The commonly used beneficiation process is flotation and magnetic separation, and the tailings can be treated by wet tailing, dry heaping and filling of mines.

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