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Mineral processing plant infrastructure

It mainly includes plant construction and facility construction, which is basically synchronized with equipment installation.

Plant construction, including raw ore warehouse, crushing workshop, grinding and floating workshop, concentrate filtration plant, smelting workshop, tailings construction, etc.; facility construction, including water, electricity, road construction, civil construction, equipment installation, laboratory construction, etc. Others include water treatment workshops, pharmaceutical storage and configuration workshops, warehouses, maintenance workshops, high-level pools, and facilities for living areas.



Equipment installation

Equipment installation is divided into two parts: equipment transportation and installation.



▶ Container In addition to ultra-long, ultra-wide, ultra-high-size equipment and heavy equipment, all other equipment of the overseas selection of the whole service project are packaged and shipped in 40-foot high container, each container is designed by professionals of Xinhai Logistics Department. Under the premise of not wasting the volume, the weight is maximized to the container carrying weight, and each container is fully utilized to save the packing and transportation cost for the customer.

▶ Frame cabinet The frame cabinet is used for large, ultra-wide, ultra-high-sized machines and heavy goods. Such as ball mill, mixing tank, etc., packing personnel to package and bundle, so that the equipment is firm and reliable, no damage.

All equipment before shipment is subject to strict standards for testing and ensuring the quality of the equipment. High speed, fast and no damage during transportation. Regardless of the storm, delivery on time, to eliminate the time cost of wasting customers.



The process of equipment installation is generally as follows: Building inspection → main equipment installation → platform installation → civil engineering → auxiliary equipment installation → non-standard parts installation → electrical equipment installation → pipeline equipment installation → automated installation → cable line installation → on-site commissioning → inspection confirmation.


Installation and commissioning,It is the key link in realizing the beneficiation test, mine design and equipment manufacturing in the overall service of the plant, which is directly related to whether the plant can reach the standard. 

Equipment commissioning,That is, all equipment, cable lines, pipelines, etc. are tested and operated, and empty vehicles are run to test with water, and all aspects of the equipment are tested. Process debugging is a re-adjustment of the previous process.

Process debugging,Since most of the beneficiation experiments are carried out in the laboratory, there will be some discrepancies with the actual plant operation. For this reason, the organization technicians continuously debug the process and strive to adjust to the best process to solve the various mismatches that occur. problem. 

For example, whether the amount of crushing matches the processing volume of the ball mill, whether the dust removal process and equipment meet the requirements of the working environment; the wear of the liner of the ball mill, the ratio of the steel ball, etc.; the thickness of the flotation machine and the precise control of the medicament will also be The impact, only after debugging, can maintain the efficiency and stability of the flotation machine. The debugging process can be said to be an important task to ensure the efficient output and long-term operation of the mine.




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