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Ludong Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “enterprise is turning around products, products are turning around the market, and the whole factory is surrounded by sales”. Adhering to the concept of “integrity management, winning by quality”, we implement quality commitment and provide excellent services. Openly promise to the society, take full responsibility for the quality of the products provided, accept the supervision of the society, and strive to make the customers practical and reliable in the process of mechanical use.
First, pre-sales service
1. The company should introduce the relevant information and quality of all products of the company to the user.
2, to provide users with product technical explanations, including product use and maintenance, assembly, product use characteristics and other technical issues, where users need to provide services, the company will send the best engineering and technical personnel for customer service and technical guidance.
3, the company set up a service hotline to answer all kinds of questions and problems related to the product, the telephone number: +86-535-8117966
Second, the sale of services
1. For new users who are developed, the marketing department will contact the customer within one week to inquire about the acceptance of the goods, including whether the product quality can meet the customer's needs, transportation mode, packaging situation and other requirements of the customer.
2. For newly developed new products, it is required to arrive at the goods, introduce the products to the users, and assist the users to install and introduce the use methods.
3. Key users should visit the service once or twice a quarter to solicit opinions and solve problems raised by users.
Third, after sales service
1. If there is any quality problem, please contact the customer service staff at the first time or call the company's after-sales telephone number:+86-535-8111766 for detailed explanation. The company must verify in time, return, replace, and repair the package until the customer is satisfied.
2. Our company will provide a complete online online service system. If there are any quality, use, and other related issues, you can also submit it via online feedback or directly by E-mail; we will be in the shortest time. Give you a satisfactory response at the fastest speed. Email address:
Fourth, the service condition identification
1. There are quality problems during the warranty period. If it is caused by the product itself, our company will provide free services.
2. Quality problems occur during the warranty period. For reasons caused by customers, our company will provide preferential paid services.
3. Quality problems occur after the warranty period, and our company is willing to continue to provide preferential services.
Our service tenet: "Serve users, be responsible to users, and satisfy users!"

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