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Gold mine flotation production

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Gold mine flotation production

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Applicable equipment :
Feeding machine, jaw crusher, belt conveyor, cone crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, high efficiency stirring tank, flotation machine, high efficiency thickener, ceramic filter, slurry pump, electromagnetic iron remover
Application areas :
Flotation is a common ore dressing method used by gold concentrators to treat rock gold ore. It is commonly used to treat sulfide minerals containing gold ore with high floatability. It is suitable for the treatment of sulfide-bearing gold-bearing quartz
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Gold mine flotation process

The flotation of gold minerals generally adopts a grinding-flotation process. For the ore with uneven grain size, a stage grinding process can be used. In China, a one-stage grinding-flotation process is generally used to achieve the enrichment of useful minerals.


Grinding fineness requirements for gold mines

The requirement of fineness of gold ore grinding generally requires that the gold encapsulated in the sulfide mineral only dissociates from the sulfide ore monomer, but the fineness of the gold that is associated with the gangue needs to reach the monomer of gold. Dissociation. At the same time, the fineness of grinding of a certain mineral is determined by experiment.


Gold mine flotation process slurry concentration requirements

The principle of gold mine flotation is: flotation of large density, coarse grain minerals, often with more concentrated pulp; conversely, when flotation of small density, fine grain size and slime, use thinner pulp, thicker thicker The pulp can guarantee a higher recovery rate, and the selection of the dilute concentration is conducive to improving the quality of the concentrate.


Other process conditions

In addition to the fineness of grinding, the process conditions affecting the gold flotation also include the concentration of the slurry, the amount of flotation agent, the amount of aeration, and the flotation time.

Processing equipment

Vibration feeding machine

Jaw Crusher

Cone crusher

Vibrating screen


Raft conveyor

Ball mill


Ceramic filter

Flotation machine

High efficiency mixing tank

Electromagnetic iron remover

Slurry pump


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